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January 2006 

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You are all brothers



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"You are all brothers…."
Mathew 23, 1-12, Gospel of the 31st Sunday.

rêve de l'égalité All along the centuries so many men and women had a dream of equality! They even gave their life to see equality being installed: from Spartacus, the Roman slave, to the Pastor Martin Luther King. Jesus prompted that dream in us by asking to modify our behaviour. 

"Don't be called "Master", because you have only one master and you are all brothers. Don't give any body on earth the name of "Father", because you have only one Father, who is in heaven. Neither don't be called "Doctors" because you have only one Doctor, the Christ. The greatest among you will be your servant"

We see that the power of domination continues between humans. Men rule over women, parents over children, whites over blacks, colonizers over colonized, rich over poor, employers over employees, French citizens over foreigners, clergy over laymen… There is a long list of dominations and submissions. 


However there is no hierarchy between humans. The relationship between dominated and subdued is not a fatality. This belief of a hierarchy between humans inscribed in history and propagated by culture and religion maintains an inequality that is ruled out by the words of Christ: "You are all brothers"
Wherever we live in the most ill reputed suburb, or we are detained in jail, we are and stay human beings.
From our earliest years we are taught a culture of competition, of success at any cost. You have to win by eliminating the others. Life is considered as a struggle against the others, struggle is seen as a source of progress. There are those who succeed and those who fail. In these conditions how to be brothers?

serviteur Jesus took the opposite course of this belief. His way of living opened a new way. The man of Nazareth had renounced to the power of domination and refused any superiority or privilege. He took the position of a servant: " The greatest among you will make himself your servant"