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August 2005 

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Healing of a paralytic



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Healing of a paralytic: Mark 2, 1-12

Four men were carrying a paralytic on a stretcher, determined to bring him to Jesus. Likely it was not the first time they were doing something for their sick friend. But it was without success. This time they are sure that the young prophet of Nazareth can intervene for him.
The problem was how to reach him. There was a crowd blocking the entrance of the house, and more so those monopolizing Jesus inside the house. They did not hesitate, they were ready to do every thing: the stretcher went in through the roof and the paralytic, brought by his friends met Jesus.
porté par la foi "Seeing their faith": seeing such determination and confidence, Jesus acknowledged their faith. Not the faith of the paralytic who did not say a word, but the faith in action of those men who got together to help their friend. 

The faith of the paralytic's friends came before this action.
The paralytic did not say a word, he did not ask for anything. He was letting himself be carried away.
The first word from Jesus to him was a warm welcome: "My son" This made him feel relaxed.
Jesus did not question him and did not attempt to know what has happened in his life. He managed to reconcile this man with himself: "Your sins are forgiven"
He was finally able to live his own life. He needed not any more to be guided. He could start to handle his life and not only his stretcher.

We know well this paralysis that prevents one to live one's life. One prefers to follow the others to avoid problems. It is in fact the refusal to struggle against the difficulties of life and finally to accept oneself.

Is it not more comfortable to stay away from conflicts? Would one rather have security than adventure? By living submissively one avoids to take risks. Life becomes tasteless without questioning, struggles and revolts. 

en vivant soumis

Is not this situation of which Jesus wants to save us?
Because the paralytic feels that he is loved like a son, he then can look at himself and love himself and become independent. He will not be lead by the others.