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June 2005 

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A wedding in Cana.



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A wedding in Cana.

Jesus was invited to attend a wedding; he took the time to rejoice. That would not have happened to John the Baptist, an ascetic man, living in the desert. But the man of Nazareth liked to mix with people and to attend a party. He did it naturally, he was happy to participate in the joy of the wedding,
The ambiance should have been great as the guests had already drunk all the wine at the wedding. Have you been to a marriage where there was not enough wine? Usually you prepare more than is needed. Better not to look ridiculous by having not enough to drink.

Les noces de Cana In Cana, the guests drank all! And the feast has not yet ended! If they are out of wine, are not they going to be out of joy?
It is in this situation of shortage that the mother of Jesus intervened. She realized what was going on. She did not think: "The guests drunk enough" or " It is not my concern" Mary felt the need to tell her son of this shortage "They don't have any more wine" She showed her benevolent attention for the guests. It was not a request.

The answer of Jesus tells how much he was perturbed by his mother's intervention, perhaps a kind of anguish: "Woman what do I have to do with that? My hour has not yet come."
Jesus felt he was challenged. The words of his mother had a profound resonance in him. He was moved. He resisted. Is it now, during a wedding, that he had to start his public life? To unveil his prophetic ministry?
In ordinary life it sometimes happens to be unexpectedly moved by a word that profoundly touches us. We feel concerned and we have to make a choice. We resist because it means a change in our life.

nouvelle naissance Mary understood that time has come for her son. She was not scared. It was now during a wedding that a new birth has to come. She gave birth again to Jesus, initiating him in his first steps in his public life. 
And it happened during a wedding! And it followed a shortage!
Jesus recognized the signal.
Mary just said to the servants:
"Do what he will tell you"

Jesus changed water into wine. He was inaugurating the wedding of the Kingdom. A new life was beginning for him. 

change l'eau en vin

" He showed his glory and his disciples believed in him"