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March 2005 

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John 21, 1-14. The delight of a presence



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John 21, 1-14. The delight of a presence

What an opening! At dawn, Jesus stands on the shore.
The dawn of the Resurrection that will never set.
The dawn that will always enlighten each day.
Jesus is no more on the moving waves of the lake.
He has his feet on the ground.

No more will he join his disciples in walking on the surface of the lake.
He waits for them on the solid ground of the Resurrection.
Jesus shows himself in humanity, humbly, without imposing himself to our look.
He prepares the same meal to his disciples. It is he who invites, he who welcomes. He who serves.

impression - résurrection The Resurrected does not feed his disciples only with a few loafs and fish he brought but with his presence, and what a presence!
He assembles his disciples not only around an extinguishing fire but also around his person.
The disciples no longer feel the need to raise questions like they did so often on the Palestine roads.
It is enough for them to be there to appreciate the silence of fullness above all words.

A silence that is a presence of love.
Jesus let them look and touch, on the shore of the world, the One who is the Lord of life.