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The dream of Christmas




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The dream of Christmas 

If Christmas is a feast so well spread, it is because for young or elders, believers or non-believers, Christmas makes them dream. In our countries Christmas lights are just the dream of the light in the middle of the dark winter.
sapin de Noël The decorated fir trees are to remind us of the flowers and the fruits on a period when the vegetation is dead. Christmas is the dream of warm weather among the frost. Before becoming a cake, the Yule log was a log burning in the chimney to keep us warm. It is still the symbol of a pleasant temperature, but also of a warm ambiance of shared happiness and joy. 

We know that poverty and solitude are more difficult to bear on that day; we try not to exclude these people from the general enjoyment. 


It is the time of being together with plenty of food shared with family and friends; the traditional meals are made with refined food. It is also a dream of peace: we are not supposed to fight during the truce of God even if we vulgarly call it the New Year truce.

lumières This Christmas dream, these symbols and wishes are not the property of the Christians, it is in any human person. Before being called Christmas, it was the feast of the winter solstice. 
The Christians added to this feast the nativity of a child. Who has not dreamed to have a newborn baby? What will his future be? What will he be doing? It seems that every thing is possible for this new life. The world belongs to him. His parents, relatives are both careful for his weakness and respectful of a future that does not belong to them.

The Christmas dream for the Christians takes a meaning more profound and marvelous. It is the dream of God living among us. Not a simple messenger but God himself, not pretending but starting His itinerary on earth as a little child. He had to live all our humanity to make us reborn of his image. God became man to make man a god.

naissance de Jésus 
Then it is in faith, for any person of good will, that this little child can become the light that illuminates the world in giving a profound and sacred meaning to human life. It is also a promise of abundance beyond our expectations, able to quench our thirst and to satisfy all hunger. This sign of love given by God opens for us a new way of living in peace and mutual confidence. It is the dream of the Christian faith, for which many gave their life to testify that it is not only a dream.