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October 2004 

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"Do this in memory of me"




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"Do this in memory of me"
Luke 22,19

dernier repas These words of Jesus at the Last Supper are said at each mass after the consecration. We remember Jesus who gives his life for many. We recall that he washed the feet of his disciples; this action cannot be separated from the Last Supper. 
And also how could we forget his commandment, a new commandment: "Love each other like I love you"?
We consider that Jesus gave himself up for us, that he made himself a servant to every body and that he loved to the very end. We cannot separate the Eucharist from the commandment of mutual love and the service for the others as represented in the washing of the feet. These three facts are linked to each other.

Looking toward the future and engaging oneself is also a way to remember. We have the responsibility to put in action what Jesus did at the Last Supper.

Eucharistie In celebrating the Lord's Supper, the Kingdom of God is already there. It is the prophetic aspect of the Eucharist. 

Injustices, inequalities, corruptions are part of our society; the celebration of the Eucharist reminds us that the poor are the first to be invited to the festivities of the Kingdom. They should have a place. Too often the Eucharist is the occasion for exclusion, isn't it? How could we accept the bread of Life and forget those who are hungry, who are foreigners, sick or in prison…? Sharing makes us brothers.

Among the waves of violence, terrorism and racism, the celebration of the Eucharist reminds us that reconciliation and peace are possible. Since Jesus killed hatred as Apostle Paul said, we are asked to live together and to promote equality of rights for all.

In a time when ideologies have failed, landmarks for life are missed and disillusions are spreading, people are struggling to find a meaning to their life. The celebration of the Eucharist is there to remember our hope. "Be confident, said Jesus, I have won" Love will never fail.
Our fights for justice and peace are not in vain. The Eucharist is a new stimulation for humanity; it already transforms our life now. Another world is possible. 

pour la justice et la paix