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Ready for the mission
(Acts I, 1-11 and Luke 24, 46-53).

réssurrection During the Holy week liturgy, we are turned over and overwhelmed with compassion by the readings about the last days of Jesus, his Passion ending with his crucifixion and his death. 

If, by faith, we already know ourselves what follows afterwards, the infamous death of Jesus first completely distressed his disciples and put them in a state of utter disarray. They had lived the unique experience of an exceptional personality who has transformed their life and opened new perspectives on God that they could never believe were possible. How could this brutal end not stagger them?
In the episode of the two disciples of Emmaus on their way from Jerusalem to a place we even don't know, we can see their distress and the loss of their incredible hope. 

pèlerins d'Emmaus

Then, progressively, first from a few women coming back from the tomb then from others, there came the feeling that what had happened is the beginning and not the end, that Jesus is living in some ways beyond his death. Sure it is not as before, we will not walk with him on the roads of Palestine, and we will not share in the same way with him the daily matters. He is not exactly the same. He comes and mysteriously disappears. Probably at first the disciples were hesitating between the hope that every things would be as before or that there would be a different and mysterious lasting presence of Jesus.
Then came the episode of the Ascension as presented by Luke in his Gospel and Acts of Apostles. After being seen several times by his disciples, Jesus, a short time after his resurrection, was not seen again:" When he was blessing them, he parted from them and was ascended into heaven " (Luke, 24, 51). In the Acts, Luke gives more information: "Before them, he was taken by a cloud that hid him from their sight. As they were searching for him by looking up at the sky, two messengers said to them: Galileans, why are you staying there looking at the sky? "(Acts, 1, 9-11).
What has happened exactly? What can we know about the heaven where Jesus has been sent close to his Father? Never mind. After all, Luke's writings are dealing with the disciples and us. The episode of the Ascension is an other way to tell us and to the disciples: don't look back, give the visible and comfortable presence of Jesus for lost, it is your turn to face your fate and be ready to go forward.

disponible pour la mission They cannot rely any more on their Master who was directing them and taking all the responsibilities.
From now on, they are left alone but felt strong of the confidence that Jesus put in them.
Also they received some help, weak as a breath, from what they named the Spirit, that they experienced on Pentecost day and afterwards. They would not look anymore towards the sky but towards the people, men and women, from all nations and races, to receive the Good News.

We are said in the book of Genesis that during the last phase of the Creation, God stopped to act, came to a rest, and let the humans take responsibility of the world. In a similar way, Jesus went away, letting his disciples take charge and privilege of humanizing the world at the image of God. That is our mission. 

humaniser le monde