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November 2003 

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Birds, messengers of God




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Birds, messengers of God 


The mustard seed is so minute that it crumples into powder in your hands. Yet Jesus chose this seed for a parable about the kingdom of heaven.
devient un arbre When this seed, barely visible, was fully grown, this plant food became a big tree. So that 'birds from the sky, made their nests in its branches.' as it is said by Mathew (13, 31) and also by Luke who relates the same parable.  
These birds that fly in the sky, fill the horizon, come to rest in the branches, peck and carry the seeds and bring lightness with some breath of air. They invite us to fly. They evoke the kingdom of God.  messagers du ciel

Then, Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to the yeast that a woman mixes in the flour until the whole batch of dough rises. The yeast mixed with the flour becomes undistinguishable and disappears to allow the paste to take shape and to acquire its full flavour. Man's action is usually more apparent, he is the one who sows and harvests the crop, woman's work is usually less visible, more private, the yeast she mixes with the flour does not leave any trace.

règne de Dieu Shall we just welcome this God's kingdom or shall we build it? In a modest way of course, in every details of everyday life, like we bury the mustard seed or the yeast into three measures of flour.
It depends on us, humans, to built a world where birds, messengers of heaven, could nest, a world where God's ferments could raise the paste and could give it its full development.
A world where the powerful force of love could reign at the measure of God. That would be the meaning of the Lord's Prayer 'That kingdom comes'!

Jesus is amazed by the faith of the Centurion or of the Channahon woman. If you had faith as big as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you, as it is said in Math. 17, 20. 

les grains

high tech We are in a time when many think that by our own strength, thanks to the human capabilities, the universe will gradually conquer its true achievement. However, for the believers, they detect in the heart of our developing world, a divine ferment, a loving presence that brings hope without removing anything from our full responsible freedom. 
It is essential that these two approaches of the mystery of the human condition exist and collaborate together with the same purpose of making the world a better and more human place to live. 

plus vialble, plus humain