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September 2003 

la bilbe 

The calming down of the storm




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The calming down of the storm
Gospel of Mark 4, 35-41
This passage of the Gospel is such called because Jesus with one word, with a wave of the hand, calms down the sea. Nobody ever ask if Jesus started it. After all if Jesus can calm down the storm he could provoke it.

la tempête apaisée 

Jesus has spoken all day to the crowd without a microphone. It is understandable that in the evening he was tired. As soon as he embarked on the boat, exhausted he fell asleep. As long as Jesus was speaking, the disciples felt confident and secure. Nobody spoke like this man. And what authority! When Jesus spoke everything looked simple and clear. Perhaps, at some point, they experienced excitement. The adventure of the kingdom of God looked wonderful. It opened a new horizon to a bright and unknown future. Without hesitation they could find their place in it and they were becoming part of it.

abandonner But when Jesus sleeps and looks uninterested, it is another business! The disciples felt alone, threatened and abandoned. It looked like Jesus was not caring for them. The teaching they received did not enlighten them any more. It was nighttime. Could it be dangerous to follow this man of Nazareth and to rely on him? To live in another way, to make other choices, to fight other struggles, that might lead them into trouble and insecurity. 

Doubt begun in their heart. They lost confidence in Jesus. It is the storm. Is not it easier to keep the security we have rather than to engage in a direction full of uncertainty? The fear of change, the fear to lose, the fear of risk, put the disciples in desperate straits. They shout at Jesus with some reproach: "Master, we are lost, don't you feel concern?"

la vie quotidienne 

What are our storms? Did Jesus provoke some of them? Welcomed storms that lead to the peaceful shores with the One that we find always close by and faithful.