Log-book: July 2006

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People with no documents at the Mosque

la grande Mosquée de Paris Usually, they invite themselves to churches. This time, they chose to go to the Grand Mosque of Paris.
After obtaining the support of the Christian communities (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox) they now ask for the support of the Moslem community. The Rector of the Grand Mosque was expected to take position on the new law on imigration. As Moslems, they felt authorized to take this action.

I heard over the radio that the Mosque was occupied. As soon as I arrived, I saw people with no documents leaving the Mosque and grouping together near the entrance. 

parmi les sans-papiers

They informed me of their disappointment: " We are welcomed better in the churches. Impossible to meet with the Rector. It will be for tomorrow."
Police officers blocked the entrance. Impressive! An hour later, they left and the doors of the Mosque were closed.
Later, men came to say their payers. They came up against closed doors.
Their number was constantly increasing and became greater than that of the people with no documents. The two groups are facing each other.
" It's your fault if the doors are closed. Go away and they will open the doors. You are stopping us from praying. ".

entrée de la Mosquée People with no documents demonstrated their anger: " How can you pray without showing solidarity with your brothers. We are in danger. How can you honour God while leaving us aside? Stop being a separate group. Conme join us."
They raised their voices. They even came to grips. What a sad spectacle to see believers arguing so strongly in front of a place of worship!

Prayer does not free one from the tasks of this world. The human being must be first. The preference seems to go towards worship and devotions. It is so much easier!


Another world ?

At the end of the afternoon, there were a great number of tourists in this part of the centre of Paris. They took pleasure in going into the shops, stopping to look at the restaurant menus and they even did not hesitate to stand in line to buy ice cream cones. 

quartier à Paris

In the company of a friend passing through Paris, we followed the crowd. In front of an old church, we suddenly had the desire to go in. It was large and we were impressed by its beauty. The chorus was illuminated and we could hear the sounds of the organ. On the altar, the Holy Sacrament was on display. A young priest with an ancient cape was kneeling, accompanied by two children in gowns. Three women were kneeling on Prie-Dieu. The church was empty. The crowd was outside.

adoration After a hymn and a prayer in Latin, the priest incensed the Holy Sacrament, put a veil on the chalice, and went up to the altar to take the monstrance. He then made a wide gesture of blessing facing an empty nave. The people were elsewhere.
Strange liturgy! An impression of being in another world. The most important thing was to accomplish the rite with or without people. As if the rite was enough by itself.



The strength of the weak

The International Conference on Initiatives For Peace was held in Paris on a three-day period. More than 200 organizations from all continents have gathered to encourage us to make actions for peace by non-violence wherever we are. 

pour la paix

impression After a panel, I courageously went towards the stands. They were 120 in number!
What pleasure it was to find men and woman who work in favour of a less violent world, more just, with more solidarity and more respect for the planet! What an abundance of initiatives! This germination coming from the ground organizations filled me with hope.
Going from stand to stand, my bag was getting full of books and brochures that were handed out to me.
There was no doubt that the culture of peace by a non-violent behaviour made way to the individuals and in the field. Without peace, is the harmonious development of the human being, of all human beings possible?

Non-violence is not media friendly. We do not hear about it in the arts. As for abolishing war, it has not yet entered in the conscience of the human beings.
This International Conference on Initiatives for Peace made me think of the strength of the weak. The Bible invites us to see the inner strength of the weak: all they need is their authenticity.




A Pentecost meeting

In Lucerne (Switzerland), the Romero House is celebrating its installation anniversary with 20 candles. It is named after the Archbishop of San Salvador assassinated in 1980 while celebrating mass. This Mission Centre has been throughout the year a place of meeting, sharing and training open to people from all countries. It is my third time and every time I am happy to breath the fresh breeze.

fêter On this festive occasion, we are a great number. Delicious kitchen smells come from the booths: there are specialties from Korea, Vietnam, Indies, Brazil and Cameroon…There are interesting panels, delightful concerts, the Ecumenical celebration brings everyone together in communion.
During my evening speech, before an attentive audience, I was thinking of what is often said in Taizé: " The Christ has not come to create a new religion but to offer a communion of love to all human beings. "

The Holy Spirit meets each man, each woman, in a unique way, and he opens them up to the immensity of the world. Inner life and human solidarity are linked. Mgr Romero lived this way. The night before he was killed, he said to the soldiers and policemen: " Brothers, you belong to the same people as us. You are killing your brother peasants. " He told them to disobey the orders to kill.