Dear friends of Partenia,  
The web site of Partenia exists since 14 years. Every month, without interruption, a new version was put on the web with the help of volunteers. Without asking for any money. It is a miracle!  
Jacques Gaillot was writing the texts in Paris, Katharina Haller was managing the site in Zürich and was sending the texts to the translators in charge of one of the different languages. It was an absorbing job requesting constant presence and continuity. Rapidly a network of relationship was established creating links of friendship and trust between them.  
During 14 years, the Partenia web site was maintained in 7 languages with photos. The quality of its professionalism has been well recognized. Every month, an average of 800,000 Internet users were visiting the site. The magic of the Internet was allowing joining Internet users from China, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil ….  
At several times there has been a feeling to meet together to get to know better each other. The last meeting occurred in Spain in October 2009 near Santiago de Compostela. It was wonderful!  
jeter les grains Along the years, the Internet users were always present to our mind when writing. The existence of the Partenia site was for them. We have spread some seeds of justice and peace. We sowed fraternity. And you gave us so much happiness!
Reaching his 75 years of age, Jacques Gaillot will stop to write for the site. The time has come for others to take over the site. It is open to innovation and creativity. The adventure is still going.  
All Partenia team express its gratitude and thanks.  
Jacques Gaillot, bishop of Partenia  

Katharina Haller, webmaster
net4u, server and technical support

and the team of translators.
Jan van der Berghe, dutch
Roland Tessier and Jean Garnier, english
Maurice Oggier, german
Lorenzo Tomaselli, italien
Fatima Pereira and sister Maria de Lourdes, portuguese
Christina Moreira and Victorino Perez, spanish