“ There are many more signs that Jesus did ”  
John 20,30  
signés de Jésus Interestingly, Saint John finished his Gospel by letting us know that he could have continued to write more about Jesus. We will never know unfortunately about these “many other signs accomplished by Jesus”. Why this refusal to tell us more about the Verb of life? What is the reason for this withdrawal? John simply answered by ascertaining that the signs he wrote about in his book “are put there to help you in believing… and to have the life in his Name.” John 20, 31. He did not describe all of them in order we do the follow up; our life can become new pages of his Gospel.
St. John left us voluntarily with an uncompleted book. However for him, there were enough signs given to “believe in Jesus and to have life in his Name” He tried to make his readers responsible: it is our turn to act. It depends on you to open yourself to the spirit of God. It is your turn to be a sign of Jesus. The Gospel will continue to be lived thanks to you. We will display the life of Jesus. His life is engaged in our own life.  
However, like the book of St. John, our lives cannot represent the whole of Jesus. The signs we show are limited, incomplete. There is always some thing missing. It is an opportunity for us to be aware of what is happening in our day. Unknown men and women are coming and take over. They become signs of Jesus at their turn and in their own way. They themselves “have believed in Jesus and they have the life in his Name”.
source de vie
The word of Jesus is still spreading. Nobody can keep it enclosed. Others are spreading it today for our greatest joy. Signs are visible by the thousands.