A letter from Jacques Gaillot (April 1, 1996)








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Jesus did not remain a prisonner of the tomb. He has risen from the dead. He is alive, God's life bursts in Him.

Jesus died outside the walls, just as he was born outside the walls. If you want to see light, the Easter sun, you must go outside the walls.

He has risen so that we may have life. Easter is passing from death over to life, for ever. Death was a wall. To die has become a break in the wall.

Since Easter, Jesus is with us on the way, day by day. His presence is discrete, friendly ; it makes hearts burn within people. Nothing forces us to see him. But he is recognised in the sign of sharing.

I often wonder : "women and men who claim that they belong to the Resurrected One, would they go straight where people suffer ?"

A Church which is not a sign of liberation for the refugees, the exiled, the prisonners, the foreigners, the unemployed... must ask itself questions on its faithfulness to the Gospel.

Easter makes us go out of our tombs. Easter is life always winning.

Happy Feast of Easter