A letter from Jacques Gaillot (January 13 1996)







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As far as I am concerned, to go onto the Internet is first of all like a dream. It is the dream of a child who walks along a sand beach and looks at the ocean. He feels lonely and weak in front of the vastness of the ocean. And suddenly the wish to start a dialogue with all the people of the world who live on other shores, grows on him.

To go onto the Internet is also a venture. It is a magnificent venture which offers itself to me. I take the risk to let myself be welcomed by all women and men, whose face I do not know.

Partenia calls to mind far away lands, yet unknown.

Partenia is a place of freedom where we can meet one another and speak to each other as if we were on the market place. Today is the 13th January 1996. It is the 1st anniversary of my nomination as Bishop of Partenia : the dream can become true.