Past events (March 96)

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Freedom of speech

Threatened powers

Since the opening of Partenia, I can dialogue with thousands of you, scattered around the world, and I can discover a true community weaving threads above the barriers of cultures and languages.

Today, this community could be disturbed by decisions aiming at curbing freedom of expression.

I can notice that attempts are made by governments as different as the one of the States and the one of China.

That the Web could be shrunk to the smallest common denominator is a shaking thought : what would be considered as "decent" would be defined by the States, and what would be considered as politically correct by China.

The irony is that those who offer the "Information Super Highways" to the world are the same people who would decide on their own, what could be put on it. It makes you wonder.

Let us think of an "indecent" Web site in Amsterdam, would the "boys" be sent there ?

But this is not at all surprising. Nobody believes that this beach-comber of freedom which is the Internet can be stopped.

All the same, I would be surprised if this genuine community which has gathered together on the Web over such a short lapse of time, would leave the initiative to outsiders who do not understand it and do not even know it.

If, in the end, there must be rules and regulations, why would they not come from inside, from the web community itself.

What could prevent us to draw the rules of the game, that we wish for ourselves ?

If Partenia, through dialogue, was able to contribute to such an approach : give the community an acting cousciouness, that would be an important step.

Press release: AFP, 14th February 1996

I have met the President of the Episcopal Conference in Paris, for three quarters of an hour.

I gave him a schedule of my past activities and I put to him questions people have shared with me.

Why would not the Church take into account what I started with those excluded from mainstream society ?

Is not this struggle against all forms of being set apart what the Church fights for and therefore be acknowledged as such ?

Why look elsewhere for another commitment ?

I feel I have not been understood.

The Episcopal Conference gave me the choice between 3 posts (chaplain either in a psychiatric hospital, or in a general hospital or in a prison) we are actually reflecting on them in sharing groups.

I will let you know my decision at a later date.

Jacques Gaillot

Thanks to our Australian friends

As several articles were published in the Australian Press recently (The Australian, The Sidney Morning Herald...), we received a lot of mails from Australia:

"The Partenia site is very nicely designed. Congratulations. Best wishes for the continuation and success of your great work."

"It is great to read about Christians who are doing unlikely and radical things in order to meet others needs. After all Christ was more than a little radical - and had his religious critics."

"May the Spirit be with your work: there are many people in our world to be touched, and if the Spirit is with the work it will prosper, and your site will grow. We have our troubles in Australia, too, but we can feel that the Holy Spirit is breathing among us, and we have great hope for the future."

Many thanks !

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