Israel has become a member of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), 31 countries unanimously voted in favour of the Hebrew State. What do you think?  
crime de guerre I am ashamed and angry. The most developed countries in the world have welcomed a State that has recently committed “war crimes, even crimes against humanity” in the Gaza war, as stated in the Goldstone report.
OECD rewards Israel for its violation of the international Law! I feel sad to see my country to have a policy of accommodation towards Israel. Once more, the Arab world and the international community demonstrated that they are powerless.  
The Prime Minister Netanyahu can be glad to see this diplomatic and political victory. He will come soon to Paris where the OECD has its headquarters to celebrate Israel admission. We will be there to welcome him, like he deserves to be!  
The “white intifada” is developing in Cis-Jordan. The Palestinians want to associate non-violence and boycott of Israeli products. Do you think that this Palestinian strategy has any chance to succeed?  
occupation In the occupied territories, the idea of a boycott is spreading. An advertising slogan is poster on the walls: ”Don’t let the colonies enter into your home”.
The Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad has decided to enforce a law voted in 2005 that forbids the sale in the occupied territories of goods made in the industrial areas next to the colonies. The Bilin village in Cis-Jordan, 12 km from Ramallah is a high place for the non-violent struggles of its people and their example is spreading everywhere. The Palestinians know that a military action will inevitably fail. They expect nothing from the diplomatic negotiations. They are left with a pacific resistance to the Israeli occupation. If there were not an occupation, there were not a resistance.  
Has this strategy a chance to succeed? There is no Palestinian Gandhi, it is true. It is said that non-violence is not in the Palestinian culture. Maybe. However the non-violent resistance of the Palestinians to the occupation is a way towards justice and peace.  
The giant ”Drinking parties” launched by facebook are multiplying and have a lot of success. Thousands of young people meet together for a party. However for the first time, in Nantes, a 21-year young man died. Should we worry about these gigantic gatherings? Should we forbid them?  
Facebook The death of this young man is a drama that tarnishes these gatherings. The problem is not to forbid them but to have them together without drinking in excess. Can we have a party without drinking too much and too quickly? Drinking is a good social help, certainly, but the excess can lead to a drama.
These large spontaneous gatherings favour the social link. They are young and they don’t know each other. They get pleasure being together. These giant “drinking parties” is a fact of our society that deserves our attention.