An important meeting was held in Washington on nuclear security, the French President attended this meeting. He reasserted to the CBS, an American television network, the necessity for France to possess the nuclear weapon “for the security of the country.” What do you think?  
Dirty Bombs When President Obama is leading a process of abolition of the nuclear weapons and he is followed in this process by the United Kingdom, Russia and China, President Sarkozy still maintains that the ownership of nuclear weapons is a necessity for a State to assure its security. Then following this reasoning, what is good for France is good for any State, Iran included?
I regret that France does not engage into a disarmament process. Only one sign could do it: stop the modernisation of the French strike force that costs so much! But the opinion of the French people on nuclear weapons has never been asked.  
The tragedy lived by the Polish people is present to every body. How to explain this sacred union of a whole nation around the dead President?  
Let us remember that the Polish President was going to commemorate the Katyn drama where more than 4,000 Polish officers were slaughtered on April 1940 in a Soviet Union forest under the order of Stalin.  
tragédie polonaise And now, 70 years after, almost on the same place another drama has happened: 90 persons among the elite of the nation suddenly perished. From now on these two tragedies are associated together in the Polish history.
For me it is less the personality of the president that is involved in this sacred union but rather the link with Katyn that is at the heart of the Polish identity.  
During the inaugural ceremony of Ben Gourion alley in Paris by the President of Israel, you were among the demonstrators against this ceremony, why?  
Because Ben Gourion, between 1948 and 1949, has expulsed 700,000 Palestinians, men, women and children after the massacre of 10,000 of them. He was responsible for razing to the ground 500 Palestinian villages. What a shame!  
Now regarding Shimon Peres, received in France with the red carpet, let me remember, among other things, that he is personally responsible of the cold-blooded execution of 100 refugees in the Lebanese village of Cana in 1996.  
The demonstrators demanded to stop any collaboration with the Israeli terrorism.