The scandal of some Catholic priests in Austria, Ireland or in Netherlands has also reached Germany! How are you reacting and how do you see the future?  
scandal Thinking about all the victims and their family I am speechless and I feel in sorrow. These scandals are without precedent. That such a so spread phenomenon has happened brings a considerable discredit to the Catholic Church.
For the future, more transparency and let the justice work on such cases will not be enough. It is the functioning itself of the institution that is at fault and will need to be changed. The world is quickly changing, we keep an organization out of date with an obsolete concept of the authority that does not leave room or so little to democracy, with a vision on sexuality from the past that does not take into account our present understanding, also an organization with an unsuited clerical status that maintains an anachronistic celibate rule. The victims of paedophilia would deserve from the Vatican to have the courage to undergo future changes to avoid such tragedies.  
We have celebrated the international woman’s day on the 8th of March for one hundred times. Even there has been some progress; don’t you think that much is still to be done regarding the woman’s rights? What should be done on that matter in the Catholic Church?  
When in France I look to the organization of the great republican institutions I can see that in their great majority they are still in the hands of men, in spite of all the speeches on parity. The same for the jobs and the salaries, the women are still discriminated.
égalité de femmes
The Catholic Church imprisoned the women in an image and a status, which is the image of a mother who devotes and sacrifices herself. The woman is identified by her gender. In regards to their status, the Church does not give to men and to women the same opportunities. Women are excluded from the decision centres that are reserved to the ordained male ministers.  
The elections have finally been held in Iraq in spite of the bombs and the threats. You have been in this country, do you see a possible future for the Iraqi people?  
Yes I keep hope in spite of the terrible attacks that make so many innocent victims who are left wounded for life. Iraq is made of three ethnic communities: Sunnites, Shiites and Kurds. The British imposed in the past the ruling by the Sunnite minority with Saddam Hussein. In consequence an iron hand was needed for governing a majority of two communities by a minority one.  
élection en Irak Today a government of a national coalition is taking place with the three ethnic components. The logic is not any more community but national. Will this national logic prevail? It is a guess but worth to try after the long ordeal of the Iraqi people.