Stared in United States, the international campaign “Global Zero” for the suppression of nuclear weapons at the horizon of 2010 has held a three-day meeting in Paris to promote its message. It is a priority for President Obama. Is France going to change its nuclear policy in this matter?  
armes nucléaires Fifty years ago, on the 13 of February 1960, France was firing its first nuclear bomb in the Sahara. It is 50 years of nuclear weapons, 50 years too much!! 50 years of unbearable expenses for an impressive accumulation of nuclear bombs. Today, in a full economic crisis, still five billions Euros are spent for the nuclear weapons.
In our country the decision about the military or civil nuclear is always reserved to the Head of State, the French people are never consulted. For a change it will need a referendum. On a question so vital for humanity, it will be time for the citizens to exert their responsibility.  
The usage of the “integral veil” for women has raised a lot of controversial discussions to a point to envisage a law in the parliament to solve the question. What do you think?  
For me a law would solve nothing. I wonder why the politicians spend so much time on the question of the integral veil.
le port du voile intégral
When I go out on the streets of Paris I regularly see people sleeping in the street but I met only once a person with an integral veil. I would like those who govern us not to fight the wrong battle. Too many people have to live in the street because there is not enough lodging. How to forget that lodging is a fundamental right? Is it not more important than the integral veil in France?  
Thirty-one years ago the dictatorship of the Shah of Iran was defeated by a popular revolution. Today, can we envisage that a second revolution is en route?  
révolution populaire Since eight months, the Iranians demonstrate in the streets, asking for the dismissal of a corrupted and repressive regime. After some dormant years when the revolt was hatching, the time bomb has burst and enflamed all the country.
The deprivation of individual and civil liberties, the massacres of activists, the women apartheid, the public hangings, the rapes in the jails, the increase poverty…the population is sick and tired of it. The revolution is on its way. Nothing will stop it. The people are more and more organized, the regime is at bay. In regard to this popular appraisal it is hard to understand why the international community is continuing such accommodating politics toward the power of the Mullahs. We are waiting for an international support to the Iranian population.