How did you react to President Obama’ decision to send more troops to Afghanistan?  
prix Nobel de la Paix Not well. I thought it was a bad decision. The new Nobel Prize winner was becoming the President of the war. Obama has taken a risky position.
The explanations he tried to give were not very convincing. A few more troops in Afghanistan are not going to change much. An occupying army has little chance of bringing democracy and freedom to the Afghan people.  
The conflict in Western Sahara has been lasting since 34 years in a general indifference. A woman, Aminattou Haidar defends courageously the independence of her country and for it she is undergoing a hunger strike in the Canary Islands. Is there any hope for the Sahraouis?  
Aminattou Haidar represents the resistance of her country against the Moroccan government like Rebiya Kadeer does for the Ouïghour resistance against the Chinese government, like San Suu Kyi does for the Burmese resistance to the Junta in power. It happens often that courageous women are a symbol of the fight of their people. In spite of promises, no referendum has been organized to let the Sahraouis decide by themselves. Morocco government does not want to give the right of self-determination to the people of Western Sahara. The French government entirely sustains the Morocco government.  
Aminattou Haidar is ready to let herself die. “I will come back home dead or alive”. European Union had reacted and warned Morrocco. In Spain the concern is strong and they ask for a free Western Sahara. Aminattou Haidar is a last hope. She will go till the end.
Aminattou Haidar
The vote against the building of minarets in Switzerland has received a lot of attention in Europe, re-starting a suspicious feeling towards the Muslims. Should we be afraid of Islam?  
religions From September 11 2001, the mistrust of the European populations towards the Muslims has much increased. In France there has been the law against the veil, now it is the burka. There is discrimination in schools, for jobs and for lodging. Today it reaches the minarets. The Muslim world is harassed, humiliated. We are living in the same house but we don’t speak the same language.
We should go towards them with respect to know them, to love them and make friends. Let us get rid of our fear and our prejudices. It is a chance that the Muslim world is living in the European house.