« We have won »  
« Why are you seeking among the dead the one who is living? He is not there, he has been risen » (Luke 24, 5-6).  
On the eve of Easter the Christians hear this announcement of the resurrection of Jesus.  
le tombeau est vide Early morning some women brought perfumes to embalm the body of Jesus. For them all is finished. Nothing can be done. Jesus is dead. They tried to make the best of it and they came to embalm the dead. They resigned themselves that he is dead. They were wrapped up in their mourning.
But they found the tomb empty and saw two men in blinding white clothes announcing: “Why are you seeking among the dead the one who is living? He is not there, he has been risen”.  
This announcement contains a disappointment: “He is not there”. It is the fact of an absence. God is never there where we thought to have him enclosed. We have not to seek him among the dead. Jesus died outside the walls. To see the light of Easter we have to go outside the walls.  
Are we not like these women coming to the tomb? Taken by the events of life, we say: “Nothing can be done anymore” and we give up. Like them we believe that there is no future. We accept that after death every thing is finished, nothing to wait for. We are taken into the nets of fate.  
However these women accepted to leave the tomb to go and report to the eleven apostles and the other disciples what they had seen and heard. But they did not believe them.  
résurrection With Christ becoming alive out of the tomb, we are not anymore imprisoned by the past. We can break the circle of the impossible. The world of the resurrection is already there. The signs of a new world are given to us.
For instance when movements of solidarity are organized all over the world to help the Haitian people to survive and recover new hope.  
Or when, women and men, rather than to accept and to live like “every man for himself ” they chose to help the foreigners without documents to stay in our country and live like every other citizen.  
During our personal life, we have experienced some moments of resurrection, privileged moments of fullness that gave a sense to our actions. The light of Easter has suddenly enlightened what we are: when we had a moment of revolt toward what is unfair, a moment of solidarity that pushed us out of our limits, a moment of fraternity when the links of friendship weaved their net and transformed us.  
With the Resurrected of Easter, life has always the last word. Nothing will be forever lost.  
“We have won” This scream after a football match is meaningful. Even those who were not a member of the team say also “We have won” just because they were the supporters. It is also their scream. The victory of Easter becomes our victory. It can become the victory of the whole humanity.
on a gagné