One-handed, cripples and one-eyed persons in the Kingdom  
Mark 9, 43-48.  
Royaume de Dieu “If your hand is an occasion for sin, cut it off: it is better for you to enter crippled into the Kingdom than having two hands to go into the fire that never shall be quenched. And if your foot is an occasion for sin, cut it off: it is better for you to enter crippled into the Life than having two feet to be cast into hell. And if your eye is an occasion for sin, pluck it out: better for you to enter into the Kingdom of God with one eye than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire”
What a vision of the Kingdom of God that Mark the evangelist was having! A bunch of one-handed, cripples, one-eyed persons in heaven, because is it the price to pay to have access to Life? Can we really accept this vision? On the other hand can we ignore this strong warning of having to cut one’s hand, foot or pluck out an eye if they are an occasion for sin?  
These words were pronounced in the context of scandals notably the scandal towards the children. We cannot prevent ourselves to think about paedophilia, when an adult abuses his authority pretending to bring something good when it is the evil that durably destroys a human being. Yes, better for them to mutilate themselves than to continue this evil.
Are these words related only to these extreme cases? Do we not call for some kind of asceticism in a number of circumstances of our life? Like resisting the desire to go to places where we could be tempted to buy without counting or to see questionable shows. Like avoiding taking all that is desirable with frenzy of consumption or to indulge oneself into violent acts. Like avoiding a look that could infringe upon the intimacy of a person or avoiding manifesting a will to dominate.  
This voluntary maiming is not real masochism: the purpose is service to the others and for developing a happy relationship. The “hand is cut off” because it is not used to hit or slap somebody, when on the contrary it is for shaking hands or caressing a cheek, a hand is for offering not only for taking. The “foot is cut off” because it was just used for standing on the same spot or for running towards some unhealthy desires when it is for walking towards somebody asking for help. The “pluck out eye” is like not dwelling any more on what you are after when on the contrary it is for caring for others and appreciating the beauty of the creation.  
joie In these conditions, the Kingdom of God is full of these “cripples” for whom the joy is greater than the renunciations they have agreed. This joy is shared with many because all the humanity has gained in value. The Kingdom of God is just only a call to bring happiness to humanity in peace, where every body is respected and participate to the protection of the creation.