avenir de Partenia
What will be the future of the Partenia website?  
In the Catholic Church bishops are requested to ask for retirement when they reach 75 years old. On September 2010, Jacques Gaillot will be 75 and he will become “emeritus bishop of Partenia”.  
He will then stop to write for the website and his last contribution will be published in July 2010.  
The translators of the Partenia website met for three days in Sobrado, Spain and they started to think about the future of this space of liberty represented by the Partenia website. This site, translated into seven languages, should not disappear!  
traducteurs du site Partenia
They are proposing to replace the “logbook” by a webpage entitled: “With those who struggle against poverty, exclusion and for peace” or “ Partenia without frontiers”. The international character of Partenia will be put forward by publishing testimonies coming form different countries.  
The chapter devoted to the Bible could become “Partenia, a space of liberty”.  
Dear reader of the Partenia website, you are heartily invited to help us in this adventure. How do you dream the future of Partenia?
We will enjoy to read your suggestions, they will enrich our thinking and help us to set a website, always more international, more collegial and more open, following the evangelical path set by Jacques Gaillot.