Does the abandon of the anti-missile shield by the United States mean a retreat or a progress towards the reduction of nuclear weapons?  
The decision of President Obama to abandon the project of an anti-missile shield so praised by George Bush as been granted as a courageous decision by Moscow. It allows to revive the dialogue with Russia and to envisage a compromise on the reduction of nuclear weapons.  
contre bouclier antimissile All is not solved yet; President Obama proposed to replace the American shield by missiles able to destroy long and middle-distance ballistic missiles. However negotiations are re-opened with Russia.
The peace process between Palestinians and Israelis has reached a deadlock. The requirement from Washington for a total “freeze” of the colonization has not been fulfilled. Can we see it as a failure?  
The Israeli government is used to not following the request of the others. Since a long time, all the decisions of the Security Council of the United Nations concerning Israel have never been applied. The position of Israel towards the colonization has never changed. Mr. Netanyahu is only speaking of “slowing down the building of houses”  
Today the number of Israelis in Cis-Jordan and in Jerusalem-East is close to half a million. That means that more it goes less a solution can be found.
conflit  Israel et Palestine
Besides the colonisations, two other questions have to be solved: the partition of Jerusalem and the fate of the Palestinian refugees. What will President Obama be able to do?  
The arrival of clandestines crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe at the risk of their life is happening in the complete indifference of the public opinion. This summer 73 clandestines on board of a Zodiac perished at sea. This drama was not a media event. How to explain such indifference?  
survivre This drama has been quickly forgotten. Five survivors in serious conditions have been able to reach Lampadusa Island. They are from Eritrea and they stayed about twenty days at sea balanced by the waves. One of them said: “we saw at least ten ships, only one, a fishing boat stopped to give us food and water”.
The traffic of ships in the Sicilian canal is very heavy. It is well controlled. The fears to have problems, a quiet disinterest have abandoned these young men at their destiny. Yet there is a human right to help in any circumstances. It is an indefeasible right.