The usage of Flash Balls (rubber bullets) by the police raises concerns. A demonstrator has been seriously wounded on the face by a rubber bullet. They are apparently used to “impress”. What do you think?  
The usage of rubber bullets is a scandal. It seriously injured the people. Since its recent use, six young people lost an eye. It is a life long handicap. Their future is broken. How many victims will be needed to forbid this dangerous weapon?
20,000 people have participated in Yaounde to a demonstration organized by the Roman Catholic Church and cardinal Tumi. They were protesting against the Maputo Protocol approving abortions and homosexuality under certain conditions. They were addressing to the President of Cameroon. Do you approve of this protest by the Church?  
ils se trompent de combat Not at all. That makes me indignant when I see catholic persons going into a crusade to make the President change his decision. They are fighting the wrong fight.
The Maputo protocol is a charter of fundamental human rights for Africa. We should congratulate it for the advancement of the law of right. The Protocol, among other things, forbids any discrimination based on the gender. The application of this Protocol will be without any doubt liberation for the women and men who are at present ill-treated, condemned and sent to jail. From now on the law will protect them. It is still a beginning because mentalities do not change so quickly and prejudices are strong. However it will be a decisive step forward and I am very pleased for that.  
Almost every day, the media talk about Iran. In Paris you have participated to meetings organized by the Iranian resistance that you support. What do you think about the future of the Iranian people?  
I never have been so hopeful. The opposition to the Mullahs’ regime has never been so strong. It is amplifying and people are very determined and courageous, I admire them. A page is turned, things are changing.  
opression The Mullahs’ regime shows its weakness by its cruel repression: more than 300 dead, thousands of wounded and prisoners, and like always, with the use of torture. This dictatorship is threatened, it is afraid, its days are numbered.
When a regime does not hesitate to spill its youth’s blood, it has no future.  
In Honduras, the French government recalled its ambassador to protest against the new power that has chased out the President. I would like to see my country doing the same thing in Iran But the economic interests are certainly not the same…