For many years you have been supporting the Iranian resistance group living in Paris and in other countries. How do you see the future of Iran when the power of the Mullahs is challenged in the streets?  
The Islamic Republic of Iran existing since 30 years is threatened. Fear keeps them in power. These repressive actions show their weakness. Their failure in economy and social welfare is well known. The people of Iran are young. More than half of the 71 million population of Iran know only the Mullah power. The youth does not want anymore of their fundamentalist President, Ahmadinejad. Their courage to demonstrate in the streets commands admiration.  
résistance In my opinion if the reformer Moussari would become President, there will be a clear opening in the Iran politics but the Mullah’s power will still be there and there would be no fundamental changes. What about a democratic regime, rid of the Mullahs?
Obama’s speech at the Cairo University on June 6 has been a true event. Have you any comments?  
la main est tendue It was a speech that will make history. A new area was opened for the American people and the Moslem world. No arrogance. No threatening. Hands open.
“The cycle of the dissension should be broken” The President invited to a mutual respect and tolerance. He was not afraid to refer to God and to the Holy Koran. Obama was courageous in promoting the necessity of a Palestinian State, the women’s rights, the freedom of religion, a world without nuclear weapon and in talking about “the debt of the civilization towards Islam”…. He found the right words.  
In central Africa, the Vatican has criticized the Roman Catholic Church. Two bishops had to resign. Some priests went on a day strike of delivering sacraments. Now some mistrust is installed. How do you see the future?  
What is going on in Central Africa clearly raises the question of the priesthood status: their marriage and their resources. The imposed discipline does not work any more since a long time.
eux-mêmes à prendre la parole
Every body knows it. It is up to the Africans to express themselves and to say what kind of changes are necessary in their country. Next October there will be an African synod. It will be the right time to consider these questions. However I am afraid it will be the usual dull speech that will be heard.