We know your commitment to the Palestinians. How do you see the future with the new government of Netanyahou in Israel?  
Since the death of the Oslo agreements, Israel does not seem to work for peace. Whatever are the governments, the will of the politics is always the same: Israel does not want peace!  
paix pour Palestine If Israel is not a partner for peace, nothing will be done. Just see: new illegal colonies are being developed in Cisjordan, check points are still there, demolitions of Palestinian houses are still continuing in Jerusalem, 11,000 Palestinian prisoners are still detained in Israeli jails…How is it still possible to advocate “ two states for two people?
The international community has been able to raise sanctions against Hamas but never against Israel.  
What is Obama going to do? Will he have the political will to change the course and to take action for peace in the Middle East?  
An International forum on the rights to possess land was held in a suburb of Paris. Farmers from all over the world were attending the meeting. The possession of land is in the hands of governments that are acquiring millions of hectares of fertile lands in foreign countries. Is it inevitable?  
We are aware of the rights to have access to drinkable water on our planet. We now figure out the value of the rights to have access to lands. The fights of the countrymen without land in Brazil are well remembered. Now there is a policy of acquisition of farmlands in foreign countries. By millions of hectares. China, Japan and South Korea do it. Local peasants are threatened and dispossessed.  
In Madagascar there has been a revolt when it was learned that South Koreans were going to seize 1.3 millions of hectares of arable lands. You cannot deprive people of its land. The peasant revolts have not stopped.
accès à la terre
Easter ceremonies were held in the strange atmosphere following the controversial statements of the Pope. Some Catholics decided to leave their Church. Is there a future for the Church?  
espérance Christians will carry on, with their hope, today like yesterday. In France there has been 3,000 baptisms of adults on Easter eve. Some Christians leave, it is true and it is painful for me but others come in.
We don’t depend on numbers and we don’t direct our attention on the institution of the Church but on Christ resurrected on Easter. The Church is called upon to reborn, thus to die first. Jesus said,” Who wants to save his life will lose it”. These words are also for the Church.