An agreement has been signed in Guadeloupe after a long strike of 44 days. Their charismatic but controversial leader, Elie Domota, succeeded to assert himself. How is the situation going to evolve there?  
60 000 people demonstrated in the streets when there are 400 000 people living in Guadeloupe. It is very unusual. Their combat was worthy and just. It showed that these people can get together to fight against a situation inherited from the slavery and the colonialism of the past. The fortune of the Békés (white people living in the island since several generations, note of the translator) comes from the slavery. They have the monopole of the big supermarkets and the control of the selling prices. They receive a financial help from the government.  
manifestation en Guadeloupe It is understandable that Elie Domota is not well appreciated by the Békés. He showed a remarkable leadership during the general strike and the negotiations with the government. In part thanks to him, a new area is opening up for Guadeloupe. It is the end of an unfair system, at least we hope.
Salvador has a new president from the left political party, Mauricio Funes. A new area is open in this country that was for a long time turned apart by a civil war and by the corruption .You have been close to the actions of the Archbishop of San Salvador, Mgr. Romero, assassinated in 1980 by a paramilitary group, do you think that there will be a real change in this country?  
I think so. A very popular television journalist, 49 years old, educated by the Jesuits, Mauricio Funes always fought corruption in his country. He is a new man arriving after 20 years of the ruling of the country by the right. He followed the Barak Obama’ slogan: “Yes we can”
Mauricio Funes
I was interested by his first speech which was well applauded: ” I take up again the prophetic message of Mgr Oscar Romero for a preferential option for the poor”. If these words are followed by actions, it is good news for the people of which a quarter of them have already immigrated to the United States.  
In the flight to Cameroon, Benedict XVI has declared that the condom was not a solution. What do you think?  
provoquer la polémique Once again the Pope raises a polemic. For his first trip in Africa he is going to have this handicap all along his way. In Africa, AIDS is still a real scourge; it is very dangerous to divert people to use condoms as a means of fighting the disease.
So many NGO promote among the populations these means to fight AIDS. Why to impose burdens on those who have already so many problems? Why make guilty people in asserting principles out of range of the reality? How much we would have rather wished to receive a message of liberation that carries hope to the African populations!