After Christmas, within a few tens of kilometres from Bethlehem, we see again weapons in action in Gaza… Being a Christian like you, how to you consider this conflict?  
un peuple démuni This conflict is very painful for me, I feel terribly angry against this stupid war, the slaughtering of the population of Gaza. The well-equipped and powerful Israeli army is attacking a people deprived of every thing.
Like other Christians, I celebrated Christmas, the feast of peace, welcoming the child of Bethlehem like the prince of peace. But what are we doing of the peace that depends on us? It is our responsibility.
At Christmas, children are happy. The feast cannot be without them. However in Gaza it is a living hell for them. Today one counts 400 children killed in Gaza and how many more are wounded and traumatized for life!
When this interview is published, Barack Obama will be at the White House. What are you expecting from him?  
Barack Obama I put a lot of faith in him with the risk to be disappointed. The new President cannot do all but he can make things possible. For instance he could solve the Palestinian problem, what an achievement that it will be for him!
I expect that Obama will be determined to defend the environment, to fight against injustices, to look for a world without nuclear weapons, to abolish the death penalty, to care for the minority rights. I expect he will stop the war in Afghanistan…
What does it mean for you that a black man is now sitting in the oval office?  
It is an extraordinary symbol to guide our actions and behaviour. Everywhere in the world coloured people know that they can have access to the highest responsibilities. Nothing is impossible for them, position, dignity, because a black man is sitting in the oval office. It is the end of the domination of the white man, but there is still a long way to go…
rien n'est plus impossible
Interview by Olivier Galzi