Peter and John on their way to the tomb  
John, 20, 1-10  
Marie Madeleine au tombeau Mary Magdalena had already preceded them. She was the first to make her way to the tomb early morning to find that the stone has been removed from the entrance of the tomb.
Mary Magdalena was not thinking at all that Jesus could be resurrected, and she could not understand what was going on. She came to the tomb to mourn the One she would never cease to love. She ran to see Peter and John and said to them:
“they have taken away the Lord and we don’t know where they have put him.”
At once, the two disciples, still mourning the death of Jesus, ran to the tomb. What hurry! They were rushing to get some information, some signs. Certainly for John they were like the first disciples of the primitive Church who were impatient and anxious to get some sign of Jesus. After the scandalous death on a cross, some Christians continue to doubt and not understand; “ Where is the Lord who is resurrected?” “Where can we find some signs of his presence amongst us?”
John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved”, arrived first at the tomb. He did not enter but looking inside he saw linen clothes lying there.

“Simon Peter was following him and finally arrived at the tomb, he saw the linen clothes lie and the shroud folded apart… then the other disciple, who arrived first, went in, he saw and he believed". (John 20, 6-8).
It was enough for John to believe that Jesus was alive. He could not be imprisoned by death. Even seeing the same things, Peter stayed puzzled, he was slow to believe.
Mary Magdalena, Peter and John, were eagerly looking for the presence of Jesus. They did it according to their own rhythm, their own temper and their own feeling. Mary Magdalena showed her affectivity, John his intuition and Peter his difficulty to believe.
Are we eager today to look for the signs that Jesus is not dead but resurrected? Where are we running? We do not need to run to the tomb. There is nothing to see there. The signs to look for are in the life of the others. To see these signs we have to get out of our mentalities that can enclose us like a wall and go where the most fragile and abandoned among us are taken care of with humanity, and also to go where Christians join together to pray and share the bread.
sortis nos murs
Depending on our sensitivity, our character, we are like Mary Magdalena, John or Peter: to see the signs that Jesus is still alive we need to help each other because the spiritual gifts are diversely spread. We are complementary and necessary to each other to meet now Jesus as the Resurrected.