Jesus getting angry  
(John 2, 13-25)  
La colère d Jésus Entering into the Temple, Jesus became indignant. He got angry seeing this disorder, the noise and the traffic of the shopkeepers. He flew into a rage. He made a whip of small ropes to drive them all out of the Temple including the sheep and the oxen. He threw out the tables and chairs, pouring out the changers’ money.
Why so much wrath? Is not the presence of merchants necessary for the good standing of the celebration? Economically speaking, the Temple allows Jerusalem to be prosperous. It gives a living to an abundant number of clergymen, plus servants and their families.
What did Jesus mean by this disconcerting violence? What is the symbolic meaning of such a unique violent act in his life?
The evangelist did place this action for the “Jew’s Passover that was at hand”. It was a great celebration, a solemn time for the people. It was the first contact of Jesus with Jerusalem, the holy city. For the first time he was entering into the Temple. It is there that Jesus brought his protest:
” Don’t make my Father’s house a house of merchandise” John 2, 17.
Following the prophets, Jesus strongly argued against the Temple, its organization of the celebrations, the sacrifices of animals, the trafficking of money. All this is finished.
” Destroy this Temple and, in three days. I will raise it up” John 2, 19.
It will need time for the disciples and also ourselves to understand how far these prophetic words and actions will lead us.
The humanity of Jesus is the true Temple. With him, we are the temple of God. We have to leave room for another celebration “in spirit and in truth”. From now the meeting of a human being with God will not happen in a temple made by men, in a specific place like Jerusalem or in any other places in the world. Neither a place, neither a human intermediary, neither a sacrificial action, neither a religious institution will be necessary to come into relationship with God. The inner heart of a man is the true sanctuary. It is him who is sacred. It is him who has to be protected. Everywhere.
l?humanié de Jésus est le véritable Temple
The merchants of the temple have not yet disappeared. They are still there to make money on the back of the others. They sale illusions, including religious illusions, there are still slave merchants, drug dealers, weapon merchants…our lives are a merchandise for them.
Following Jesus, who got angry by seeing all that, it is legitimate to show our wrath and indignation.