Where is the newborn king of the Jews?  
Mathew, 2, 1-12: Epiphany  
“Where is the new born king of the Jews?" It was the question raised by the wise men coming from the Orient when they arrived in Jerusalem. In the imaginary of these wise men living in a pagan country, the Messenger of God waited by his people should be a king living in the capital of his country.
During their long journey they had many ups and downs. At the beginning they were enthusiastic after having seen a sign in the sky under the appearance of a new star: God was speaking their own language of astrologers concerned by the movements of the stars.
However Luke let us know that the star had not been always visible during their journey: at the beginning the discovery of a new star makes them embark on the adventure, later not seeing it any more they however persevere in their project keeping the same initial direction. The star will be visible only after having seen Herod.
étoile de Noël On their arrival in Jerusalem, surprisingly they found out that the civil and religious authorities were rather reserved and even not aware of the event.
However the question of the wise men raised some confusion. The professionals in religious matters, scribes and great priests were consulted and they remembered a passage from the prophet Micah announcing the birth of the shepherd of Israel in Bethlehem, in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Probably the wise men were wondering why they did not want to accompany them to the newborn; even Herod said, “ Go and enquire” without showing his treacherous intentions toward the baby.
Hence they continued their way to Bethlehem. Then “the star they had seen rise was now preceding them” as a light enlightening the meaning of the Scriptures. Inside their heart it was an explosion of joy. They forgot the cold welcome they had received. And “the star stopped above the place where the child was”.
les mages This was not the palace of a king but a stable. The child was there with Mary his mother. Their faith was shown by not asking, by inclining in respect and by offering gifts: “kneeling down, they incline in respect in front of him and offered him their presents”.
For Mathew, the evangelist, the message was clear: the pagan nations will be greeting the Messiah with more eagerness than the chosen people. All through the centuries and also now, those exterior to the Church are particularly more sensitive to the novelty of the Gospel.
The light of the star staid in their heart, the wise men don’t need to see it with their own eyes. The God who guided them to the Child will always be with them wherever they will go. They came back to their country by another road, under the light of the divine Child with a human visage, henceforth present to them in any circumstance of their life.