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News of the month: Three questions... to Jacques Gaillot  
Log book  
Open Bible  
News of the month: Three questions... to Jacques Gaillot  
January   Peace be with you!  
February   Barack Obama  
March   Bad image for the Catholic Church  
April   A new area is opening  
May   Access to lands  
June   The Pope in the Middle East  
July   Courage to demonstrate in the streets  
August   Future of the Iranian people  
September   Relationship between faith and culture  
October   The peace process  
November   What will be the future of the Partenia website?  
December   A message for Noel  
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Log book  
January   In the mining area of Gafsa
In support of Salah Hamouri
First French atomic test
In a clinic
February   The Gaza massacres
Resistance in Mali
Hope for Gabon
Iranian resistance in waiting for the right of law
March   In secondary school and being a militant at the age of 17!
The Shepherd from Cargese
A word that destroyed a man
Ocalan, my brother
April   A special lunch
An odd trial
Celebrating 50 years of the Cuban Revolution
Geneva, the hometown of Calvin
May   Corrida, basta!
Solidarity as a crime
Industrial poultry farm
Racket on National Insurance contributions
June   Justice and freedom for Mumia
Gatherings for hope
A squat in Bordeaux
March of protest
July   Welcome
Dog trainers with no documents
Wedding in the vineyard
The victims of nuclear tests
August   A trip to Seoul
A rough evacuation
Citizens' meeting
A bright interval
September   Alert to Achraf camp
Caring about prisoners
Meeting someone with leprosy
A mass in summer
October   For the abolition of nuclear weapons
Celebrating Denise's 80 years
Black Thursday
Freedom for the union workers of Noumea
November   Beautiful Galicia
Mobilization for Khedder
Release of 36 hostages
A friend passed away
December   A march for Gaza
Place des Vosges
In front of the of Haitian Embassy
« You have not talked about God »
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Open Bible  
January   Where is the newborn king of the Jews?  
February   Jesus getting angry  
March   The dried up fig tree  
April   Peter and John on their way to the tomb  
May   Mary-Magdalena and the resurrection  
June   He went about doing good  
July   The enemies of Jesus  
August   The Visitation  
September   The Christ’s seven words on the cross  
October   The presentation to the Temple  
November   Peter’s confession and the first announcement of the passion  
December   John the Baptist, prophet and precursor