Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
An African-American has been elected to the White House…how do you analyze this historical event?  
The election of a Black as president of the most powerful nation of the world is the first good news of this century for humanity. The last good one for the world was for me the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.  
Barack Obama Barack Obama’s election represents a significant threshold for humanity. It is a symbolic outbreak through discriminations. He made possible what was thought to be impossible. In this respect he did more than Martin Luther King. A dream became reality. It is a considerable event. It is understandable that everywhere in the world the Blacks felt proud and full of hope.
Are we ready in France to elect a coloured man or woman at the presidency of the republic?  
bouger les mentalités Certainly not! There is still a lot of racial prejudice that make almost impossible for the Blacks to have access to political responsibilities. The local, regional and national elections …are always uncoloured.
We received from the USA a good lesson; they showed the way to go and how to change the mentalities. We have to work in order that coloured men and women will not be an exception in the next elections.
Let us do some political fiction: we are in 2012… there are elections in France and in the United States…. Who are the candidates? How is the political situation at this time?  
Very likely Obama and Sarkozy will be again candidates in 2012. Their program, priorities and style will be compared. In four years we may hope that thanks to Obama, multilateralism will prevail in the governing of the world and the European Union will speak with one voice when necessary.  
Europe forteresse However after years of recession, social injustice will still be a wound for humanity. The poor will continue to cross the frontiers of the wealthy countries. They will come up against the fortress Europe.
Interview made by Olivier Galzi