Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
The French President went to China for the opening of the Olympic Games and he did not greet the Dalai Lama during his visit to France. Do you approve these choices?  
politique et jeux No I don’t. It comes to a capitulation in front of China. In willing to please this great nation, it is France that is losing his credentials, being unable to oppose to the violation of the human rights. Once more, President Sarkosy denies the engagements he took before.
During the Games we know that violence was still going on in Tibet and after the Games, likely repression will increase. It is planned to send a million of Chinese to permanently live in Tibet.
By not greeting the Dalai Lama, it is accepting the Chinese will and he is losing any authority.
What can you say about the Olympic Games of Beijing?  
These Olympic Games are the most expensive in history: 40 billion of dollars. These Pharaoh’s works have transformed the whole city of Beijing. This was achieved by moving out from home almost a million of people. Is it an honour for a country?  
The repression in Tibet? What about the Ouïgours? What about the human rights militants who are put in jail? A lack of democracy? Is it the honour of a country?
China spent about a billion dollars to train their athletes these last seven years. All that to get the greatest number of gold medals and be the first.
In those conditions many countries in the world will never pretend to organize the Olympic Games. If you have to do more than the others and invest a so large amount of money, who will be able to have the Olympic games?
braques les records We fix our gaze on the feats. They have to always go faster, always further, always higher… to obtain a gold medal and to stand on the podium. They will come one day at the limit of what is possible. I regret that we are in a culture of struggles, the struggle of each one against all the others. We could struggle against us with the help of the others.
There are only three positions on the podium. I am thinking to the disappointment of the fourth one. He might have done better than his best feat, it is a victory for him but there is no media to be interested in him.  
The travel in France of the Dalai Lama has raised a lot of interest. Why the spiritual leader of the Tibetans has so much success?  
Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama has an impressing personality with a lot of charisma. The fact that the French government officials have not greeted him had made him even more popular. I met him twice in the past; I remember that this man who does not force any thing on anybody was very true with himself. He was living as he was saying.
He was true with his message of peace, of non-violence and of compassion. Behind his legendary smile, I could guess his inner wound, the wound of his humiliated people. It is why this spiritual chief raises everywhere he goes so much interest.