Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
France is going to send this summer new troops in Afghanistan. What is your reaction?  
nouvelles troupes Not good. France will send 700 soldiers in a country sinking into a messy war, overcome by corruption and misery. After the defeat of the Taliban, a guerrilla has developed, drug production also. Usage of the force is a failure. The choice of the force is the worst strategy.
Many advocate an international political solution giving priority to an urgent assistance, to the rebuilding of the country and to the rights of the people of Afghanistan, especially of the women.  
A directive from the European Parliament will make the detention and the expulsion of foreigners more severe. Is it a surprise for you?  
It is not. Since many years, Europe follows a stronger and stronger politics of repression towards immigration.
This directive allows foreigners to be maintained in custody up to 18 months, vulnerable persons and children could be detained and expulsed and the territory of the European Union could be forbidden up to 5 years to the expulsed persons. It is a shameful directive. A fortress Europe is built rather than an open Europe showing solidarity. This has raised a lot of protest before to be adopted by the Parliament.
Europe une forteresse
For the 14th of July, the French national celebration, the President of the Republic has invited three Heads of Arabic States. If those from Tunisia, Egypt and Syria accept the invitation to attend to the famous military parade on the Champs Elysées, is not it an insult to the human rights?  
droits de l'homme maintenant These three heads of State are known for their dictatorship and their opposition to the freedom of the press. In their own country the human rights are not respected. Their presence will distort the 14th of July ceremony that originates from a liberated people celebrating their freedom. The French Head of State does not appear like his promise to be the president of the human rights”. Unfortunately he is exhibiting a politics of accommodation.