Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
President Bush has commemorated in Israel the 60th anniversary of the Hebrew State when thousands of Palestinians were demonstrating to recall the “Nakba” that is the catastrophe. What is your reaction?  
occupation The United States is an unconditional ally of Israel. Such a visit is not surprising. However I am surprised that festivities and congratulations have been organized when the Palestinians have been deprived of their land and that they are still occupied by the Israeli army. In the mean time the Gaza people tend to survive day by day and there are more than 100,000 Palestinians rotting in Israeli jails. When peace does not exist how can we be delighted? To humiliate people is never in the interest of anyone!
The junta in Burma did not allow the humanitarian organizations to enter into the most devastated regions. In such a dreadful situation for the population, would not a humanitarian interference be a right?  
The attitude of the junta is criminal. They refuse to help their own people that are without shelter, health care or drinking water. It is a scandal. The United Nations approved in 2005 the principle of “the responsibility to protect” people from genocide or from a crime against humanity. Can we broaden this principle to natural disasters?
refus l'aide international
States like Russia and China firmly opposed to it at the United Nations Organization, in the name of the sacred sovereignty of the nation. Unfortunately! They missed a case. The welfare of their own people is not the first priority of their rulers.  
May 17 has been the International day for fighting homophobia. Do you see some progress in this matter?  
contre l'homophobie In Europe, there is an unquestionable progress in the Law, thanks to the Council of Europe and to the European Parliament. What is a concern is homophobia and not homosexuality. The European jurisdictions penalized homophobic actions. Bravo. However intolerance against homosexuality still exists among families, at work, in jails and unfortunately also in the Church. The repression against the homosexuals is still going on in more than 80 countries of the world, where Islam is for most of them the official religion. Homosexuality is a crime with a death penalty in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria….
In the Western world their fate has been dreadful in the past. Homosexuals were considered as sinners, sick people or criminals. During the period of the Inquisition, they paid a lot of tribute. Under the Nazism regime, ten of thousands of homosexuals were deported. Today in France the major discrimination that is left in the Law is the parenthood of a child and the marriage between couples of the same gender.
The road toward freedom and equality is still a long way off.