Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
The IMF (International Monetary Fond) proclaimed an epidemic of hunger riots in the world. According to IMF, the increase in price of the raw materials could precipitate hundred of million of people into an extreme poverty. Do you think that the price of the raw materials should be internationally regulated?  
Certainly. The breathtaking rise of the price of the products of first necessity had already caused riots in Haiti and the dismissal of the government.  
manifestation en Haiti “Thousands of young boys go in the streets to claim that they cannot stand it anymore. They urge the politicians to take their responsibility.
Millions of jobless, strangleholds by hunger express their anger through the streets of Port-au-Prince and other cities.
Parents with children stay several days without eating and now are coming to the streets demonstrating their extreme poverty.
Emaciated children from shanty towns and countryside demonstrate every day because they have nothing to eat and because they have no future”.
rien à manger
The Jesuits are denouncing: “ The lack of responsibility of the international community, especially countries supposed to be friend with Haiti. International Institutions did not keep their promises towards Haiti, cynically watching the degradation of the Haitian society”.  
Should we boycott the Olympic Games of Beijing?  
No. The Olympic Games are like a planetary feast. We need festivities and communion. Let the athletes find a means to show their solidarity with Tibet and to defend the human rights. It is a good thing that the Heads of States do not come to the opening ceremony if nothing else changes.
fête planétaire
What do you think about the threat of the resignation of the Dalai Lama if the acts of violence still go on?  
Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama is exposed to a new generation of Tibetan who accuse him to breach his promise. He has adopted a moderate approach, asking for the autonomy of Tibet not its independence. The revolt started 49 years ago in Lassa and nothing has changed. His non-violent actions are questioned. The Dalai Lama admits his lack of success and considers resigning. It is right to propose it. It will be a mistake to do it.
Interview by Olivier Galzi