Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
The local elections have confirmed the victory of the left in France. How do you analyse this result?  
It is a serious warning for the government. Its politics is disapproved. The vote has been clear and strong. The government has not kept its promises. The purchasing power has severely gone down. Thanks to this vote, people have been able to show their discontent and that they lost confidence towards their rulers. They are waiting for measures improving their daily life.  
pauvreté So many people cannot find a lodging, afford to pay their rent, to correctly feed themselves or to find a job!
We had known a conquering right during the Summer 2007; the left has to take its turn after its victory. The victory in the local elections is the victory of the people and they must benefit from it.  
Do you feel that your struggles (for the illegal immigrants, the low income people) are easier in cities governed by the left?  
In fact not! I made the bitter experience of the mayors of Town Halls with a left majority accepting no negotiation and sending the police to expulse demonstrating people from their poor lodgings. I remember meeting a mayor of a left party in his Parisian Town Hall with Abbey Pierre: he was inflexible. I hope that the left will show its concern for social justice.
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Violent riots happened in Tibet, the worst since 20 years, do you think that we should take advantage of the Olympic Games in Beijing to get some progress in this matter?  
courage Tibet is under a state of siege. The Tibetans took the risk to brave the powers in Beijing a few months before the Olympic Games. They are courageous and determined. More than ever they need today our solidarity.
Personally I would not boycott the Olympic Games. However I have a dream. In the full swing of the games, when the athletes walk up to the podium to receive their medals, they had previously put on a tee shirt on which the Television spectators from all the world can read this unbelievable words: “Long live free Tibet”, “No death penalty” “Enforce human rights” What an event!
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Interview by Olivier Galzi