Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
The Senate of the United States has recently voted against the usage of “waterboarding” as a tactic of interrogation for prisoners suspected of terrorism (this treatment simulates a drowning). George Bush is refusing to consider it as a torture and might oppose his veto. What do you think about this debate?  
This vote makes honour to the Senate of the United States. It is the recognition of the dignity of a human being and the refusal of treatments that can break him to obtain information.  
The practice of waterboarding is often used during wartime, it is a torture that has to be strictly condemned and declared unlawful.
George Bush is the man who brought war in Iraq; it will be good if he followed the vote of the Senate. Right has to prevail on force; this is a condition for justice. The respect of human rights is a basis of democracy and makes its value.  
Are you for Mac Cain, Clinton or Obama?  
Obama I am for Obama. He is not an old hand in politics, an apparatchik, as it is often the case in France. On the contrary he is a young man and new in the political landscape. His charisma is recognized and he was courageous to oppose to the Iraq war.
An African-American President will be a strong symbol for many Americans of so diverse origins. We can foresee in this country a decline of racism.
I believe that Obama is honest. His speeches reach humble people. However there are a lot of unknown matters and also a lot of contradictions…
Nicolas Sarkosy has proposed that each French school child aged 10-11 year old learn the name and the story of a French Jewish child who died victim of the Holocaust. What do you think about it?  
école primaire I have a lot of reservation and I feel uncomfortable by this initiative. It is interfering with childhood. Some children are having a difficult family story. Why should they carry a burden that we cannot carry ourselves? These young ones want to live and we put them in the realm of the death!
The transmission of a memory should not be compulsory, the Holocaust cannot be forced into a child mind, and it cannot be imposed. It should be voluntary. There is a risk to make it emotional and to play with child sensitivity.  
It should be better not to focus on the Holocaust; otherwise we should speak also of the Palestinian, Kurd children and others. There is a teaching of the religious culture in which the Holocaust can have its own specific place. The young have the opportunity to study Anne Frank’s diary.
journal d'Anne Frank