Three questions to Jacques Gaillot
For the first time George Bush went to Ramallah to meet the President of the Palestinian Authority. During his journey he said that a peace agreement was possible before the end of his mandate. What do you think?  
Gaza I would like it to be true. However so many promises of peace have been given that never came to anything! Actions do not follow words. There is a huge gap between them. For instance, soon after the President of the United-States left Palestine the Israeli Army made an incursion in the Gaza strip. Nineteen Palestinians were killed. It was a massacre. A hope for peace needs actions like in priority the evacuation of the occupied territories.
Among your actions, one of them is surprising: you have been a supporter of Yvan Colonna however a French court has recently condemned him for the assassination of the Prefect of Corsica. How a” Bishop for the poor” can support him?  
I am surprised that people are surprised. Why should I not be with the defendants, the convicts? Before his trial I visited Yvan Colonna in jail and I am still on his side even after the verdict. I think he is innocent, I am not afraid to say it when I am asked.
His supporting committee was asking for two things: the respect for the presumption of innocence and a fair trial. The problem is not that I supported this committee but it is about those who refused to support this committee!
Yvan Colonna
The Colombian guerrilla has liberated Clara and Consuelo Gonzalez. Do you think that this event and the mediation by Hugo Chavez can help to solve the situation in Columbia?  
Carla et Consuelo Gonzalez For once there is more than words and promises. After years of anguish and delay, we see two hostages who are liberated. It is an important event with a lot of joy. Now there is a big hope for the liberation of the other hostages. Every thing becomes possible. Hugo Chavez seems to be in a better position to continue his mediation. The international involvement has to be maintained until all hostages are liberated.
Reported by Olivier Galzi