The Peace of Noel  
It goes like a fragile inspiration among the human family. For a few hours, weapons become silent, doors are opened, and people meet. Solitary or sick persons receive a visit and street beggars are invited to participate to festivities. Nobody should be excluded from the feast: neither those who are in prison or in hospitals. How to be happy when some are left alone with their suffering?
Fraternity has no boundary. People around the world are able to speak to each other, to help each other in spite of the walls or barbed wires separating them. They can overcome prejudices or jealousies.
fête de Noël
At Christmas let us dream of a world without walls, where people can freely circulate from one country to another and are happy to live together.
The peace of Noel does not match with building walls to protect oneself and to separate people.
Peace is not made of concrete and barbed wires.
The peace of Noel signifies pulling down all the barriers: the barrier of money, the barrier of hatred, the barrier of prejudice, and the barrier of mistrust…
Prince de la Paix I like that the child from Bethlehem, named “Prince of Peace” was born outside the surrounding walls of Jerusalem. It came to us as fragile as a child and he will give his life to destroy the barrier of hatred.
For Christmas I will be at Cayenne, then in Surinam till January 1st and back to Cayenne to accompany a priest retreat
People I don’t know will share with me their peace.
partager la lumière Let the peace of Noel be with you all along next year 2008.
Happy New Year!
  Jacques Gaillot
Bishop of Partenia