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News of the month: Three questions... to Jacques Gaillot  
Log book  
Open Bible  
News of the month: Three questions... to Jacques Gaillot  
January   The Peace of Noel  
February   Peace and justice  
March   Courage to be opposed  
April   Promises of the government  
May   Responsibility international  
June   To pay a heavy price  
July   The choice of the force is the worst strategy  
August   Invitation for dialogue  
September   Olympic Games  
October   Separation of religion from the State  
November   Which future  
December   Barack Obama election historical  
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Log book  
January   The death of a prophet
Republican patronage system
Inauguration of Place Général de Bollardière
Colonna on trial
February   Log-book  
March   On the way to the prison
Not so easy to be opposed to bullfights!
Visiting the elderly
Behind the walls and the barbed wires
April   On the black list
An athlete star has disappeared
An athlete star has disappeared
Rebellion of the cooks
May   Tribute to a young Malian
The future of Partenia
To die with dignity
Our friend Renald
June   The first of May March
The annual ecumenical assembly
Having a holiday, a great opportunity to grow up
The Movement for Peace
July   Victims of France's nuclear tests
Visit to the Mediator of the Republic
A historical victory
A place to live
August   For a world without nuclear plants
A free woman
Each human life has its value
September   Everybody lies
It is going to rain on Conakry
A friend left us
The five Cubans from Miami
October   Geneva : Place des Nations
Are priests useful ?
Meeting the young
Waiting for the Court bailiff
November   The Massacre of October 17, 1961
Seeing and touching
Dinner at Mourad's
Families continue to fight
December   A celebration for the five Cuban prisoners
In Québec, La belle province
Brahim in the country of the human rights
Returning to Evreux
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Open Bible  
January   Nicodemus  
February   When you pray, say: Father hallowed be thy name  
March   The Passion of Jesus  
April   The open tomb  
May   He is not following you…He is not following us  
June   The veil of the temple was rent in two parts  
July   To carry one’s cross  
August   The transfiguration of Jesus  
September   The deaf can hear and the dumb can speak  
October   Mission  
November   A wedding garment for each guest  
December   Apocalypse