Three questions
Recently you took position in favor of Yvan Colonna who was accused of murder on Erignac, the Prefet (Administrative Officer) of Corsica at the time of his assassination. I understand the principle of presumption of innocence, however I don’t see what a Bishop has to do with this case?
Is not it the role of a Bishop to be on the side of the defendants and the convicts? Why should a Bishop always be on the side of the defenders of the order or of the right-minded people? It is a characteristic of the Gospel to transform our points of view.  
Yvan Colonna I was invited to join the support committee for Yvan Colonna to promote the right of presumption of innocence and to obtain a fair trial. This is because at the highest level of the government and in the media, Yvan Colonna is considered as the murderer of the Prefet of Corsica. The doubt has no place.
Yvan has been in jail for four years with two in complete isolation. No conditional dischrage has been granted. Can we still expect a fair trial when this matter is so political?
The transportation strike held in response to the reform of some specific retirement schemes has paralyzed again the country. Is this strike justified?  
Yes, it is. I am with the railway men. They do not go on strike and demonstrate in the streets for pleasure! Not being listened to for their requests, their last resource is the strike.  
cheminots en grève A transportation strike is a formidable weapon, all the country is affected. One day of strike is one day too much.
It will be a mistake to underestimate the strength of those who are the backbone of the country. The decision-makers cannot decide without them, without listening to them and negotiating with them.  
In Pakistan there is again the temptation for a dictatorship. Do you think democracy and control of Islamic extremists in this country can work together?  
President Musharraf has proclaimed the state of emergency. This can be useful for him but certainly not for his people. He is not looking for the good of his people but for his re-election. It is why he has suspended the Supreme Court before it stated on the validity of his re-election.  
manifestation General Musharraf has for principal support the army of which he is the General in Chief. How can he stand against the Islamic extremists without the support of his people? Even with full power he will be rapidly isolated and powerless.
The return of democracy implies the participation of the people and a political consensus to fight Islamism. Then a new president, a man or a woman, is needed.  
Interview from Olivier Galzi