Three questions
In Burma the oppression has been passed over in silence. After the revolt of the Buddhist monks and the Burmese people, what can we hope for?
oppression en Birmanie The Buddhist monks showed that they could engage actions for the good of the Burmese people. They showed a remarkable ability to demonstrate without weapons and protection. We felt like joining these monks to fight in solidarity with them, wherever we were. Today in spite the lack of information we are persuaded that many monks and young demonstrators are in prison, tortured or killed.
The Burmese people can no more openly oppose to the regime. The repression has fallen on them like a lead weight. It is our turn to hand over and to continue their fight. The International community has to courageously intervene in their favour without practising a policy of leniency to preserve their own interests.  
The World Day against poverty was held on the 17th of October. Many speeches but few changes. Can we eradicate poverty? It is still there!  
On the 17th of October, Associations against extreme poverty have been invited to speak, there have been demonstrations, and the President did speak. At school, children have been informed. A kind of awareness in understanding that our future depends on solidarity is emerging. It is a good point but it is not enough.  
misère How is it possible that in our country we have families without a lodging? Students who squat in empty building in Paris? The politicians don’t show any will to solve these problems, which have lasted for so long.
The market Law, the corruption, the unfair practices put people in extreme poverty and perpetuate the social dislocation. There will be always a reason to fight poverty.
In November there will be an international meeting in the United States to revive a peace process in the Middle East. Can we hope for a Palestinian State one-day?  
blocus de la paix It is too early to expect to see a viable Palestinian State. Years after years, the existence of a Palestinian State is fading. There is a policy of the fait accompli: the Territories are still occupied, the wall is still being built, the West Bank is stuffed with colonies that are still developing, the blockade of the Gaza Strip is increasing, the Palestinians do not have yet the freedom to get out of their country. Only a few hundreds of prisoners have been liberated out of ten thousands. Regarding the difficult case of the partition of Jerusalem, one may wonder if it will be tackled. Presently how can we go back to the borders of 1967?
It is certain that on the ground nothing moves towards peace.