Three questions
Summer is on its end, climatic change has been a topic: floods in Asia, heat wave and forest fires in Southern Europe, cold weather in northern Europe, hurricanes in North America…. Are you thinking like the title of the movie “Had the gods got mad”?
incendie We cannot ignore the climatic disturbances. Apocalyptic images went all around the world. It is not a question to moan about the future of the humanity and the planet but to be aware of our responsibility and to change our behaviours to face the threat. We are all concerned. The climatic disturbances of this summer were a useful warning and showed us how it was urgent to do something. So much the better!. There is no time to lose before it is too late!
We speak a lot about ”sustainable development” to mean anything or everything. Are you for this concept? And what does it mean according to you?  
I specifically appreciate the definition given in 1987 by the World Committee on Environment. It is a recommendation: “A development for the present needs without compromising the future generations needs”
This means that production and consumption should respect the quality of the environment and let to others in the world their capacity to fulfil their fundamentals needs. Once again sustainable development requires a change of behaviour.
Do you believe in the Apocalypse according to Saint John?  
I like that the last book of the Bible is the Apocalypse according to Saint John. It is a book for the future. Nothing is decided.
The first book was about a garden. The Apocalypse was about a city: the coming Jerusalem.
I don’t believe that the apocalypse of John predicts the end of the today’s world, looking at the turmoil of our times as the beginning of the great final drama of our planet.
On the contrary I believe that in Apocalypse, John is sure of the victory of Jesus, the resurrected, on the evil that could overcome us. We can be confident in Christ who has victoriously gone through the ordeal. The last word will be love not evil.
Interview from Olivier Galzi