Three questions
The Olympic games will be held next year in Beijing. At present NGO are active in denouncing the violation of Human Rights in China. Do they have a chance to succeed?

The OG represent world publicity for China. Their prestige is at stake.  
droits humains en Chine From now on, China has to face the violent protests of foreign activists who demand freedom of opinion, liberation of Chinese journalists in jail, a moratorium for the death penalty, a free Tibet…
US Congressmen demand a boycott of the OG in Beijing if China does not stop to support repressive regimes in Sudan, Burma and North Korea.
During one year the activists for Human Rights in China will not let it go! For them, their interest is in the progress of public liberties not in the preparation of the OG.
A lot has been said about the liberation of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor who was detained in Libya but nothing about the barbaric and collective executions in Iran. Is it not applying double standards?
What is going on in Iran is alarming: more than 150 executions since the beginning of the year. Attending a press conference organized by Iranians in Paris, I saw a video showing the hanging of young men on the Teheran Square in front of the crowd.
It is unbearable!
repression en Iran Repression is accelerating in Iran. Politics based on terror intends to prevent all demonstrations of opponents. The Mullah regime fights for his survival. They maintain themselves by establishing a reign o fear
Why this deafening silence from the international community?
Regarding Libya, there were reasons to act, for Teheran there are reasons not to act. These reasons are mainly political and economical and they have a priority against the human beings unfortunately. It is not acceptable.
During this holiday period, a tragic event has affected public opinion: a young Russian boy has been sent to hospital badly injured. He fell from the fourth story of a building when he was trying to escape with his father from the police. What are your comments about this tragedy?  
expulsion Families without documents live all the time in fear, wherever they go, whatever they do. There is no place to feel safe. The chase of families without documents is increasing everywhere. On this month of August, at 8 30 AM, police came to the apartment of the Russian family. Quickly the father, 33 year old, tried to escape. His son followed him. When his mother saw her son falling, she yelled in terror.
This family had made a request of political asylum and permit to stay, without success. A repressive policy is responsible for this tragic event. By the end of the year, since 25 000 deportations have to be done, we see chases of families and organized roundups, every day. And now a young boy of 12 is in coma.