Three questions
Have you taken part in the festivities of the Bastille Day on the Champs Elysees, greeting the military parade? What do you think about this republican celebration?

Although living in Paris I never took part to the Bastille Day on the 14th of July because this celebration is turned away from its original purpose. At the beginning it was a celebration for the Nation and by the citizens who sacrificed a lot to obtain and achieve the recognition of the Human Rights.  
14 juillet In our days it has become a celebration to the glory of the army. These last years we could see tanks marching in, airplanes flying over the Champs Elysees. France was showing its strength and its capacity to defend itself. This year, soldiers from the European Union countries were marching under the acclamation of many tourists. It is turned away from the original meaning. The Bastille Day celebration has been taken away from the people.
The Government is still publicizing his will to expel this year 25 000 persons without documents. Most of them will be carried away on regular Air France flights. Some Air France Unions protested against and are opposed to these measures. What do you say?
expulsion Congratulations to the Air France Unions who showed their opposition for the first time. Talking about persons being expelled means: for these persons to be put under arrest, to be thoroughly searched, naked, in the Police office, to stay in a detention camp for a while and under police escort to be forced to embark on an Air France flight, to be at their arrival humiliated in their own country.
Every day, several expelled persons embark the Paris-Bamako flight; some of them refuse and are violently constrained by the police. The other day, seven policemen were holding a student completely tied up from head to toe and then tied to his seat!
Some passengers protest and are liable to legal proceeding: four trials are on the way. These passengers can be sentenced to prison and fines. Some captains refuse to take off in these conditions.
I attended a press conference organized by the Air France Unions to obtain a stop to these practices on an Air France flight and to stop the legal proceedings against the passengers who are opposed to the expulsions.
The Gaza strip is now totally isolated and into the hands of Hamas. Hamas is in conflict with Fattah. Is not it the end of a Palestinian State and a future creation of an Islamic State?  
Palestine The people of Gaza suffer from a complete embargo, through air, land and sea. They are entirely enclosed by the occupying power. It is a shame and a humiliation. This situation has to end.
Unfortunately the international community is for Fattah against Hamas. This attitude is against the possibility to have peace. The people of Gaza belong to the Palestinian people.
There is not yet a Palestinian State. We even cannot speak of the end of it. The Palestinian people are waiting since 15 years to have a State!
I don’t think that Hamas wants to establish an Islamic State. It is said to discredit them.
It is necessary to find the way of a dialogue and a union between Fattah and Hamas. I wait in hope.