Three questions
The President of Russia spoke of directing his missiles toward Europe if USA still persists in installing an anti-missile shield on European Union territory, Are we going back to the Cold War?

retour à la guerre froide? The European Union does not speak much with the President of Russia about the Tchetchenia war or the lost of freedom in his own country. This silence allows Vladimir Putin to intervene more freely on the international scene. His opposition to the anti-missile shield installation in Europe does not mean necessarily a return to the Cold War. The G8 summit demonstrated it, an alternative solution has been found.
At the G8 summit, Africa and ecology have been put forward. Do you think that the richest countries are becoming aware of an international solidarity (that has never been the case before)?
immigration In spite of repressive laws against immigration, young Africans still continue to cross over the sea at enormous risks to come to Europe. Poor people come where there is wealth. Nothing will prevent those who live in poverty to cross the barriers erected around the fortress of Europe.
It is why the G8 wants to give a future to the people in Africa by giving them what they need to develop. Who cannot be happy with that perspective?
However China, very active on the African continent, is not represented at the G8. It is difficult to decide without China. For instance the Security Council and the European Union are having a lot of difficulties to set up an intervention in Darfur because China is for the moment opposed to their initiatives.
A deranged person tried last month to jump on the Papa Mobile. The security guards stopped him just on time. Do you think that Benedict the XVI should renounce to meet the crowds for security reasons? Physical contacts with believers are they demagogic or necessary?  
voir le Pape Pilgrims coming to Rome want to see the Pope in flesh. They try to come close to him, to touch him, to speak to him. It is human and understandable. Even if the Pope bodyguards are efficient, there is always a risk. The Pope has to take it. He cannot give up to meet the crowd, after all he made the gift of his life to his service?
Interview by Olivier Galzy.