Three questions
In France, Nicolas Sarkozy has been elected President with a clear majority of the votes (53% against 47%, note of the translator). During his speech on Concord Square he said that he would keep fighting to help “the oppressed people of the world” because it is the role and the history of France. What is your reaction to these words?

Fighting for the “oppressed people of the world” makes me happy. It is a word worth gold. The new president could not say better!  
Nicolas Sarkozy However for the moment it is only a promise. Let us wait for the actions. When Jacques Chirac was elected as president of the republic in 1995, he engaged himself to reduce the social division in France. At the end of his second mandate, the social division had enlarged. In politics, actions follow only a few of the promises. It is why promises leave the citizens skeptic.
There is in France a controversy about the two-day luxurious holiday spent by Sarkozy family on a yacht belonging to the businessman Vincent Bolloré, his friend, the day after his election. Do you consider this controversy to be useful or out of proportion?
The first public appearances of a president are full of symbols. Every body is looking at him. Nicolas Sarkozy has chosen luxury. I felt that this choice was an insult to the poverty. Families living in precarious conditions, on unemployment or without a lodging were expecting something else from a man who wants to be the president of every French. The credibility of a politician is the coherence between what he says and what he does.
premiers gestes
Are you optimistic in defending matters for people in need or without documents? Do you plan to contact the new majority government to push your requests?  
lutter ensemble I am not optimistic. The laws already passed against the persons without documents will be enforced. They are repressive laws. However, nothing is definitive. With the associations, we will continue to dialogue, to resist and to struggle.
When we struggle together, we often win.
Interview by Olivier Galzy.